Recent Projects

Here is a flavour of some interesting translation projects undertaken recently at Allegro Legal Translations:

November 2018:

Loan agreement translated from Spanish into English for a private client.

November 2018:

Translation of witness statements in an arbitration case (English into Spanish).

October 2018:

Brazilian navy tender translated from Portuguese into English.

October 2018:

Translation of framework agreements (French into English).

September 2018:

Confidential police file translated from Spanish into English.

September 2018:

GDPR documents translated from Italian into English.

August 2018:

Translation of a French decree (21,500 words).

August 2018:

Last will and testament translated from Spanish into English.

July 2018:

Translation of large software licensing agreement from Italian into English.

July 2018:

Letter translated from French into English in a defamation case.