Other Services

Find out about the other services that Allegro Legal Translations provides.


This service involves a thorough review of a translation to ensure that the document has been correctly translated throughout, there are no omissions and the text reads fluently and naturally. This is recommended practice in the translation industry as a means of ensuring improved quality.

Revision work carried out will be charged on an hourly basis.


If you have existing translations but are not happy with the quality, I can also edit and revise them to a better standard.

Project management

Your order will be project managed to ensure that your documents are translated consistently and delivered on time.


Allegro Legal Translations does not offer interpreting services directly.

Should you require an interpreter, I may be able to recommend you a suitable interpreter from the professional interpreters within my network.

Alternatively, visit the website of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting where you can search for an interpreter from among the ITI’s Directory of Professional Interpreters.

Important notice: Allegro Legal Translations Ltd. is engaged exclusively in the provision of translation services and does not offer or purport to offer any legal advice, interpretation or analysis whatsoever.