eCPD Webinars “Specialising in Legal Translation”

In just over one week, I’ll be running my eCPD webinar on “Specialising in Legal Translation”

The webinar is aimed at translation students or recent graduates, freelance translators or professionals from other backgrounds who have an interest in legal translation.

I’ll be giving the lowdown on what it takes to become a specialist in legal translation.

The topics that we will be covering include:

What is legal translation?
Types of documents
Why specialise in legal translation?
Routes into legal translation
Training: qualifications and courses
Clients requiring legal translation
Challenges of legal translation
Personal characteristics of legal translators
Ongoing CPD
Legal translation: the future.

I will be profiling a number of legal translators who have taken different routes to achieving a successful career in legal translation.

If you would like to find out whether a specialisation in legal translation is right for you, sign up for the webinar and take the opportunity to ask me directly any questions that you may have about working in the area of legal translation.

As an added incentive, there’s a huge 70% discount available to translation students or recent graduates!

Hope you can join me.


Specialising in Legal Translation