Why choose Allegro?

There are a lot of translation providers offering their services to businesses and individuals. Make Allegro Legal Translations your number one choice for all of your legal translation requirements. Discover below the many benefits of working with Allegro.

1. Quality

Number one has to be quality. With my legal qualification, I have a real understanding of legal terminology, processes and systems and, over many years of practice, I have acquired the necessary skills and experience to transfer your message accurately from one language to another.

In our industry, it is always recommended to follow a two-stage quality assurance process of translation and revision, using two different translators. The second translator checks that the document has been correctly translated throughout, there are no omissions and the text reads fluently and naturally.

2. Expertise

I have many years’ experience in the translation industry and have developed expert knowledge and skills in the translation of sometimes highly complex legal, business and commercial documents.

3. Speed

I understand the importance of having information to hand quickly and am happy to accommodate requests for a fast turnaround on translations.

4. Professionalism

I offer a specialist and highly professional service while remaining friendly and approachable.

Allegro Legal Translations Ltd. has Professional Indemnity Insurance cover with Towergate Insurance Ltd..

5. Integrity

I like to put the customer first. It is my policy not to take on translation work or assign your document to another translator if I cannot be sure that the very high standards that Allegro demands are met.

All work is undertaken in accordance with the Institute of Translation and Interpreting’s Code of Professional Conduct.

6. Bespoke Service

I take pride in my finished product and will always go the extra mile to deliver your translation to your specifications in terms of terminology, document type, deadline, formatting, etc.

7. Communication

The best results are always achieved through good communication. You will always be able to contact me to ask any questions that you may have about your document at any stage of the translation process.

8. Personal Touch

If you prefer to source your translations from a company that can give you personal attention, then Allegro Legal Translations is the right choice for you.