Allegro Legal Translations Ltd. is a boutique legal translation company founded in 2011 to provide bespoke translations of legal, business and commercial documents.

The company is run by specialist legal translator Andrew Leigh, who has nearly 20 years of experience as a translator and an in-depth knowledge of legal processes, systems and terminology. Click here to read my personal profile.


Based in Sheffield (United Kingdom), my clients are law firms, businessesprivate individuals and translation agencies, who appreciate my expertise and the high level of quality and accuracy that my specialist translation service provides.

My core business is the translation of legal, business and commercial documents from French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese into English. In addition, I am supported by a network of experienced legal translator professionals for translations from other languages into English and for translations out of English as well as for large translation projects.

I understand the importance to my clients of getting things right first time and it is my policy to accept work only if I can be sure that I am able to offer my best guarantee of quality and satisfaction.

Allegro Legal Translations is driven by its core values of accuracy, expertiseintegrity and quality.

Why not discover the benefits of choosing Allegro Legal Translations as your translation partner?